“Music should never be explained. You just can’t; it simply is!”    

Iconic, ethereal, and timeless, Nicola’s music leaves the listeners in a dream-like state of mind. Known for his unique voice and singing ability, Nicola is considered one of the most interesting voices in the international music scene. The fusion of his Classical background and the love for Rock music creates that suggestive and unique atmosphere that is a trademark of Nicola’s sound. His ability to alternate his Soprano Opera voice with the powerful modern vocals, the impressive vocal range and technique, and cinematic music arrangements are some of the strong pillars of his style. Internationally acclaimed tracks such as “Colors,” “The Mirror,” and “Back To The Stars” inspire singers worldwide, changing their perception of singing both technically and stylistically. Nicola’s ability to turn dreams into music makes all the songs he composes timeless and eternal. Far from the mainstream trends, Nicola’s music talks straight to the heart, with simple words that invite you to join him on a journey. 

Nicola was born in 1984 in Cagliari, Italy. He was gifted with a natural musical instinct and he beganto study the piano when he was just a child. He had a love for classical music and studied at the Conservatory of Music in Cagliari for many years and this laid the basis for the sound that became his trademark. His teachers discovered his vocal talent when he was just 13; which led firstly to Nicola studying with some illustrious Opera Singers and later being taught modern vocal techniques by some brilliant private vocal coaches. His teenage years were crucial for his vocal development, working hard on his sound and alternating his classical studies with the love for genres such as rock, pop, blues, soul, and metal music.

Nicola always loved writing and composing music, and his first piano compositions date back to when he was just ten years old. Between 2002 and 2005, he started working on the pieces that became his debut album “Since Before Creation,” which was released on the 9th of June, 2006, through his official website. Despite the low budget recording and the sometimes uncertain English, the album sees the first signs of Nicola’s incredible voice and experimental song writing. From this debut album, tracks such as “In My Hand,” “In Another Life,” and “The Sense Of Time” gained international airplay and drove significant attention to Nicola’s voice and music.

Regardless of this success, he was not fully satisfied with his sound and Nicola kept working to improve his singing and song-writing. After almost four years, his long-awaited sophomore album NICOTOMIA was ready to be realized. Unfortunately, due to problems with his label, the official release date had to be postponed. The track “No Compromise,” was released as the first single from the album on the 9th of October, 2010 and it included two bonus tracks; the cover of the legendary song “All By Myself” and the rehearsal version of Nicola’s original song “I Wasn’t Scared,”. Four years passed and it was 2014 before all the issues with his previous label were resolved and NICOTOMIA, was finally ready to be released.

To introduce the album, Nicola released a new Mini-Album titled “COLORS”, released on the 31st of January, 2014. This four-track release includes the two songs: “Since you have gone” (A remixed versionwas included on“NICOTOMIA”) and “Colors” which brilliantly showcased the incredible evolution of Nicola’s sound, a perfect balance of his Soprano voice, alternated with his rock vocals.

The eagerly anticipated “NICOTOMIA” was released internationally on the 15th of January, 2015. Upon release it was available solely on physical format due to Nicola’s extreme vocal frequencies, and subsequently released on all digital stores in 2019. The album received international recognition, reinforcing Nicola’s worldwide fan base. That same year Nicola relocated to the UK to concentrate on his music and several other collaborations, with studios based in London and Manchester, Nicola focused on his artistic growth for the next four years. This introspective journey led to his forthcoming album, “THE MIND TRAVELLER”, scheduled for a 2022 release.

“BACK TO THE STARS”, Nicola’s EP from the album “THE MIND TRAVELLER” was officially released on the 12th of January, 2020! After the worldwide success of “COLORS” and “NICOTOMIA”, Nicola is back stronger than ever before with a three-track EP. “The Call” opens the EP, an emotional duet between Nicola’s extraordinary voice and thesound of the Sea, recorded in just one take on the southern coast of Sardinia during the night of November the 6th, 2019. Originally, recorded as a tribute to his homeland, this vocal improvisation opens the BACK TO THE STARS EP and will be available on all digital stores, with the exception of the last few notes (Ultrasounds up to F#10)! Like NICOTOMIA, the Original Ultrasonic Vocals are available only on the original WAV version due to the impossibility of CDs, MP3s and standard downloadable formats to reproduce the extremes of his vocal range. “If I Fall”, Nicola’s second single from “The Mind Traveller” was released on June the 18th, 2021.